First donation given to Ishinomaki

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays the first donation from the sale of my photography (prints, postcards and calendars) was given to the Ishinomaki citizen group organising the restoration of the tsunami damaged 130 year old wooden Russian Orthodox church located on a small island in the city of Ishinomaki. This church was the centre of my interactive video projection mapped public art installation called Light Projection Ceremony, held in April and May 2012. 100,000yen (about $1000) was given to the group. Thank you to everyone who went the exhibition in Tokyo and anyone who purchased some of my works.

A very big thank you to Iwasaki-san, Suzuki-san, Serizawa-san and Izumi-san from Gallery éf, Tokyo for their work, support and financial assistance to help make this possible.

Re-Church is the restoration group’s website blog – [日本語 Japanese only]

You can continue to support the restoration group through purchasing my postcards or calendars, and also you are invited to the Sydney exhibition opening 6pm on Thursday 10th January at Gaffa, Clarence St Sydney. [ ]

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