Postcards for sale!

Set of 6 postcards of photographs from 石巻 Ishinomaki Sunlight project and series of exhibitions. Now available through the web shop.

Part of the sale from these postcards will be donated to a local citizen group restoring a tsunami damaged church.

Printed in Japan
Packaged by Richard in Australia
10 x 15 cm
250gsm paper
$10.00 including shipping in Australia, worldwide shipping available also.

Web store online!

Today I finished the online shop with Bigcartel, it is now open!

Available currently are the set of 6 photographic postcards from the Ishinomaki Sunlight project. A calendar is coming soon, and donations are available also to help realise next years projects in Ishinomaki, including a book about sounds from Ishinomaki, and a collaborative performance with a local Taiko group in September 2013.

Thank you so much for any support you might consider.

Tokyo exhibition

Tokyo, Japan
Gallery éf, Asakusa

Wed. 24 October – Sun. 25 November 2012
12:00 – 20:00 ( -17:00 on the final day)
closed on Tuesdays, entrance free


Australian new media artist Richard Byers presents his days in Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture in Japan, after the disaster in March 2011, by photograph and video work.

In most of his works he touches “light” to create resonance within our world and our sense of it. From the 11th of April 2011 he created a public interactive light installation onto a tsunami damaged building (Ishinomaki Saint John the Apostle Orthodox Church, built in 1880) in Ishinomaki, collaborating with local musicians, dancers and citizens. Future collaborations in Ishinomaki are gradually developing.

In his days in Ishinomaki, he was fascinated by the view seen from the top of Umakko-yama, located in a suburb of the city. The simple and everyday rise and fall of the sun across rivers and rice fields, mountain cherry blossoms, common grasses, people’s daily acts and prayer. These things, that mass media often bypasses in favour of sensation, were seen simply from on this local hill.

The exhibition “Ishinomaki SUNLIGHT” shows 10 prints that Byers photographed and brought in his pocket, and video work filmed with manual focus camera. Local musicians collaborated with their music for the films ambient soundtrack.

The venue is a renovated art space “Gallery éf” in Asakusa, which is originally a clay warehouse built in 1868. The house survived two great fires, earthquake in 1923 and Tokyo bombing in 1945.

You’ll meet the light that embraces the days, as it is, through two places where Byers has been guided by his senses.


music: Yukki (Coupie) / Yuka – piano
special thanks to: Yukki (Coupie)/ Ishinomaki Saint John the Apostle Orthodox Church Restoration citizen’s group/ Ayako Suzuki/ Emiko Iwasaki/ Hikaru Serizawa/ Ishinomaki laboartory / Takeshi Kanno